1. What curriculum do you utilize? Is it evidence-based? CVYL/ASES utilizes Joven Noble Curriculum. The curriculum is evidence-based and is currently being used by many youth-serving organizations throughout the United States.
  2. What age groups do you work with? CVYL/ASES currently works primarily with middle school and high school students.
  3. What schools do you currently work in? Joven Noble is currently being offered at Cahuilla Desert Academy, Bobby Duke Middle School, and Coachella Valley High School. We are working to expand to Desert Mirage High School and Toro Canyon Middle School.
  4. What topics are discussed in group sessions? Acknowledgement, Stereotypes, Maleness & Manhood, Reproductive Health, Intimate Partner Violence, Healthy Relationships, Culture & Healing Community Engagement
  5. Do students have to be troubled kids to be in the program? All youth can benefit from participating in Joven Noble.
  6. Are the mentor’s background check? Yes, volunteer mentors have to pass CVUSD background process before attending group sessions.
  7. Is this a therapy session with students? The circles process is therapeutic in nature, but mentors are not licensed therapists.
  8. Will your program refer students to a therapist if deemed necessary? Yes, we partner with the Riverside County Latino Commission. If mentors see the need to refer students, they will.
  9. Are students excused from class to participate in the program? Yes, students are excused from class to participate, but are expected to make up whatever work is missed.
  10. Who oversees the program? CVYL/ASES is overseen by the district ASES Program Coordinator, Beatriz “Bea” Gonzalez.
  11. Is the program funded by CVUSD? No, the program is grant-funded by the RAP Foundation, but the ASES program does provide in-kind services.
  12. How can my son participate in the program? Contact your son’s counselor at the middle school or high school he is currently attending.
  13. Is there a fee to be in the program? No, there is no fee.