Based on the principles of “Un Hombre Noble” (A Noble Man),” the mission of the National Compadres Network is to strengthen, rebalance, and/or redevelop the traditional “Compadre” extended family system. It’s by this process that we encourage and support the positive involvement of Latino males as fathers, sons, grandfathers, brothers, compadres, partners, and mentors in their families and community.

National Compadres Network believes by increasing the positive support and influence of Latino males in their family and society it can also have an impact on reducing the incidence of substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, teen pregnancy, gang violence, and other family and community problems.

By way of this ongoing effort, it is our hope that children and families will have a safer, healthier, happier world in which to live and grow.



The RAP Foundation provides funding, oversight, technical assistance and guidance to nonprofit community based organizations or collaborative groups, and other tax exempt agencies which serve the populations of eastern Riverside County in the areas of health, mental health and juvenile interventions.



A District that promotes education, pride, and progress.



Latino Commission

The mission of the Riverside County Latino Commission is to provide programs and services for those in our community who are facing problems of substance abuse and/or problems with mental health. We see ourselves as an extension of our community and have dedicated ourselves to develop access, prevention and treatment for individuals and families suffering from substance abuse and/or mental health problems.