Volunteer Mentors

Volunteerism is an integral part of the CV Youth Leadership Program. Volunteer mentors are men between the ages of 18 to 70 who form an ongoing relationship with young mentees. They work with them to develop their leadership skills and improve their social and emotional behavior in class, community and other settings. As a volunteer mentor, the primary job is to support the healthy development of youth participants. The mentors will participate in ongoing trainings to develop their mentorships skills and abilities. Other requirements include:

Valid California Driver’s License( Class C)

Pass a full background check with the U.S Department of Justice

Complete the mandatory reporting training

Must participate in orientation meetings, biweekly meetings and youth outings

Ability and willingness to work with a diverse group of youth across a wide range of identities (race, gender, immigration status, sexual orientation, abilities)

Must meet in person or by phone with each mentee each week

Keep detailed notes on conversations, and follow up with participating partners as needed

Refer youth or family to a mental health service provider for counseling if necessary